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HP 364 Cartridges

Compatible printer cartridges for 364

Original cartridges for 364

Choose HP 364 Cartridges from TonerPartner

HP 364 Cartridges are one of the most widely used types of ink cartridges for HP printers. The reason is that HP Cartridges belong to the newly introduced system of HP ink, with which Hewlett-Packard approximates other manufacturers.
With this system HP offers individual cartridges for each colour, which can be exchanged separately.

The original Cartridges that are available in the TonerPartner online shop come in five different colours, namely as black, magenta, cyan, yellow and photo black ink cartridges. This new technique for printer cartridges is also accompanied by changes in the print head. After all, each of the five ink cartridges now use a permanent print head, whereas previously a print head was integrated in most HP cartridges.

Thanks to a reset chip on each HP 364 Cartridges the printer is able to monitor in real time how much ink is left in each of the Cartridges and whether a print job can be completed. 

Discover the Range of HP 364 Cartridges from TonerPartner

In addition to standard Cartridges, there are also special XL HP 364 Cartridges to choose from. The dimensions of these XL HP 364 Cartridges are exactly the same as the regular size, so you can be sure that they will be the perfect fit for your printer. The chip on the original HP Cartridges and is each adapted to the capacity so that the level indicator on your printer always works correctly and you do not have to worry that you will not have enough ink to complete a printing job.

Of course, you will also want to keep your printing costs firmly in mind, which is why we recommend choosing HP Cartridge multipacks from the TonerPartner online shop. These special Cartridges multipacks come in various different styles to help match your printing needs while helping you to enjoy significant savings very simply. 

No Need for Refill Kits

We do not provide refill kits for refilling empty Cartridges. This is simply because refilling the HP 364 Cartridges compromises the level indicator, as the necessary chip is not replaced when the ink is refilled.
As a result, your HP printer will indicate that the Cartridge is empty even after it has just been refilled.

We insist on offering nothing but the best at TonerPartner and in this case it is simply not possible with HP 364 refill kits. 

Opt for Compatible HP 364 cartridges

Compatible HP 364 Cartridges must be provided with a chip, which works to display the amount of ink that remains in the Cartridge. If this is not the case, you will have the same problem as with a refill kit, namely that the level indicator on your HP printer will not work. You can be sure that when you shop with TonerPartner you will receive the best prices around on HP Cartridges. 

Saving You can See on HP 364 Cartridges

In order to make sure that you are able to effectively manage your printing costs and never pay more for Cartridges we offer you two very attractive options in the TonerPartner online shop. Firstly, the original XL HP 364 Cartridges come with a much larger ink capacity than the standard sized Cartridges and the average cost per page that you can enjoy with these large cartridges is significantly lower.

We also offer money saving HP 364 Cartridge Multipacks, which also provide impressive savings. However, smart shoppers will quickly realise that for the best deals in town you should opt for XL Cartridge Multipacks, which offer double savings in the form of the larger capacity and more cartridges.
In addition to the fantastic savings that are waiting to be enjoyed with XL HP 364 Cartridge Multipacks, you also have the added bonus that you will always have plenty of ink in stock.

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